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Get the professional recognition that you deserve.

Membership of the IFE provides you with a variety of benefits* as well as the following:

  • Improved career prospects and employability.
  • Higher earning potential.
  • Demonstration of a professional attitude valued by employers and customers.
  • Enhanced status leading to higher self-esteem.
  • International recognition of competence and commitment.
  • Evidence of expertise.
  • Greater influence within your own organisation and industry  *(depending upon your membership grade).

The IFE offers 5 grades of membership with letters after your name (post nominals) that are recognised and valued by employers worldwide.

Technician Graduate Associate Member Fellow

Guidance on the correct usage of post nominals for IFE members and registrants

A visual flowchart showing the correct order for post nominals can be viewed here.

Studying for a career in the fire industry? Why not sign up as a Student member? You will receive access to Member Only online resources, including the IFE’s journal, International Fire Professional.

New to the fire sector or working in a non-technical role? You could join today as an Affiliate and broaden your knowledge and networks.

Organisations can partner the IFE by joining as an Affiliate Organisation. Benefits include your organisation appearing on the IFE’s website and free advertising of all your vacancies with us.

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Would you like professional registration as a fire engineer? The IFE is licensed by the Engineering Council and, if you are appropriately qualified and experienced, you could be registered as a Chartered Engineer,  an Incorporated Engineer or an Engineering Technician. If you have recently graduated and want recognition of your qualifications whilst you build your experience as a fire engineer, you could become an Interim registrant.

IFE’s Engineering Council Liason Officer had this to say about our Professional Review Interview process; “I was impressed by the conduct of the interviews and the standard of interviewing and was completely in agreement with the decisions reached and the reasoning behind them”. January 2015

For more information on benefits of professional registration check out the Engineering Council’s video ‘What’s in it for me?‘  and a video of Dr Barbara Lane CEng MIFireE an Arup Fellow talking about why fire engineering is so important.