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The Institution of Fire Engineers is a global professional membership body for those in the fire sector. The Institution of Fire Engineers Republic of Ireland Branch was founded in 1978. The volunteer IFE Ireland Branch Council organise the activities of the branch, led by the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Annual General Meeting is generally held in October and all branch members are invited to attend.

Branch members work across the fire industry, including enforcement, fire engineering, emergency response, active and passive fire protection, fire safety management and fire risk assessment. IFE exams are held bi-annually in Irish exam centres. Further details are provided in the EXAMS & QUALIFICATIONS section.

The IFE Ireland Branch participates in the IFE International General Assembly, alongside branches from all over the UK and internationally, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, USA, South Africa, and New Zealand. The branch sends an IGA Representative to the bi-annual meetings to ensure we are actively connected to the wider IFE community.

The IFE Ireland Branch generally hosts an annual conference in October. Details of previous conferences are provided in the CONFERENCE & EVENTS section. The conference can be attended by IFE members and non-members. We encourage non-members involved in the fire industry to attend as an introduction to the organisation.

If you would like to become a member of the IRE Ireland Branch, or are a lapsed member wishing to return, please enter your details in the CONTACT section. We look forward to hearing from you.



We have members at all membership levels: Student, Technician, Graduate, Associate, Member and Fellow. All members are expected to maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Further information can be found here (link to CPD pdf). If you are interested in joining us at any of the membership levels set out below, please contact us.

Student grade membership is available at a discounted rate for students of fire related studies. Student membership requires proof of current study and is limited to a maximum of five years. If you are studying full time, you will be entitled to free membership, providing you send us proof of current academic year course enrolment.

Technician (TIFireE) grade membership is for those who have approximately two years of experience in the fire sector and meet our academic and other requirements. You can check whether your qualifications are accredited by the UK Engineering Council.

Graduate (GIFireE) grade membership is for those who have approximately three years of experience in the fire sector and have a ‘level 3’ qualification as set out in the requirements. You can check whether your qualifications are accredited by the UK Engineering Council.

Associate (AIFireE) grade membership is for those who meet the academic criteria for Member grade and are working towards gaining the necessary experience required to meet the full Member grade criteria. This makes Associate grade ideal for new graduates of fire-related degrees. You can check whether your Degree is accredited by the UK Engineering Council.

Member (MIFireE) grade membership is for those who hold a ‘level 4’ Diploma or equivalent and have been working within the fire sector for at least five years. This makes Member grade ideal for those who have gained extensive experience and now want the professional recognition to go with it. You can check whether your Degree is accredited by the UK Engineering Council, and if so apply to become Interim Registered as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Chartered Engineer (CEng).

The prestigious grade of Fellow is awarded by special Board resolution. However, it may also be applied for by existing MIFireE members (NB: All applicants for Fellow must have been a member (MIFireE) of the IFE for a minimum of three continuous years). The Fellow grade is awarded to those who have demonstrated significant individual responsibility, exceptional contribution to the fire engineering profession over an extended period of time (not normally less than 15 years) and who have contributed to the IFE during their membership (e.g. any volunteer work you have carried out for the IFE such as exam marking and branch activities). Fellows of the IFE also benefit from esteemed professional recognition in the global fire sector through the use of the post nominal FIFireE.

We also have affiliate individual, and affiliate organisation members who operate in the fire safety sector and are interested in having an association with a large fire safety community, but who do not require a further membership grade at this point. An affiliate membership provides all the benefits afforded other membership grades and is an excellent starting point for those commencing their fire sector career or business. As an Affiliate Organisation, your business will be listed on the IFE’s Affiliate Organisation Directory, and be entitled to use the IFE Affiliate Organisation logo. If you are interested in affiliate individual or affiliate organisation membership, please contact us.