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Notice for all Candidates

The IFE will make examinations available to all examination centres where it is possible, safe and within government guidance for examination venues to run.

However, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is not possible for all of our exam centres to run in March 2021.   With IFE’s examinations offered globally, there are a number of different factors as well as government guidance that has had to be considered when planning for exams;  some areas have been more affected than others.

Please continue to check this page regularly as we will post the latest information here.

Examination Bookings

The IFE will be in contact with candidates over the next few weeks to confirm whether or not their examination centre will be able to provide examinations.   Where examination centres are no longer able to make examinations available, the IFE team will email candidates and advise them of the options available.   Additional examinations have been made available for October 2021 and this information is now available on the October 2021 page.

Further information is provided in the FAQs .  A list of centres where examinations will no longer be available can be downloaded here .

Unfortunately, the IFE is no longer able to take late bookings for March 2021 examinations where candidates wish to take examinations at UK centres.  This is due to the cancellation of a number of UK examination venues as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We apologise for the incovenience that these changes may cause to those who wish to sit examinations in March 2021.  Unfortunately, this is due to the lockdown arrangements in place.


The timetable for the March 2021 examinations has been amended.  Four examinations that were previously scheduled to be available in March have now been postponted until October 2021.  The four examinations that have been postponed are the Level 3 and Level 4 Certificates in Aviation Fire Operations and the Level 2 and Level 3 Certificates in Passive Fire Protection.  All other examinations remain as previously published.

An updated timetable is available here .

General Information

  • Rules and Information for Candidates taking IFE Examinations in March 2021  booklet. This booklet has been updated to include the revised timetable.  It contains information about the process followed after candidates have booked examinations, the examination conditions and relevant dates (eg for issue of results).
  • Entry Fees, Changes to Entries and Key Dates– this document sets out the fees for entering examinations and key dates such as the closing date for entries and the deadlines for late entries and withdrawals from examinations.
  • Terms and Conditions– all candidates must ensure that they are aware of the terms and conditions as they will be requirement to confirm their agreement to abide by the terms when they complete the entry form.
  • Guidance on Booking Examinations – this document provides general information for candidates.

Candidates should also note that some changes have been made to the structure and naming of some of the qualifications available.  A summary of changes can be found in the document Changes to IFE Qualifications in 2021 .

Reasonable Adjustments

Candidates who wish to apply for reasonable adjustments will need to complete and submit an application for reasonable adjustments.  The procedure for applying for reasonable adjustments and the relevant application form can be found on the FAQs, Policies and Procedures page.  Candidates are advised to submit their applications for reasonable adjustments by 31 January 2021 at the latest.