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Preparing for Examinations

The IFE does not provide training courses for candidates preparing for the examinations.  Candidates are required to manage their own learning in preparation for the examinations.  Some IFE branches provide events and training days that may be relevant to the examinations.  Candidates are advised to contact their local branch to find out about possible learning opportunities.

Candidates should use the published syllabus as the starting point for their learning and reading.

A brief guide for candidates on answering examination questions is available.  The guide includes information on level of difficulty, instructions and command words, common errors and tips for approaching examination questions – Candidate Guide .

Recommended Reading 

All candidates are advised to use the published syllabus as their starting point in determining the study that they need to undertake.  Candidates should cross-reference their learning against the content of the syllabus to ensure that they have covered all aspects of the syllabus in their learning.

A recommended reading list is provided for each syllabus and this can be found in the relevant syllabus document.  The reading lists are not intended to be comprehensive but to provide a starting point for candidates.  Candidates may also use other learning sources which contain up to date information that is relevant to the syllabus content.

Past Papers, Sample Questions and Examiner Reports

Candidates are also advised to review the past papers and sample questions provided on this website as this will illustrate the level, type and range of questions that may be asked in examinations.  Further guidance will be available in the examiner reports provided for specific examinations.  Examiner reports provide additional information on common errors and on the type of responses to questions that were required in order to achieve marks.

Other Resources

The following support materials are also available to candidates:

Formula Booklet – Fire Engineering Science   (2021 Update)

Leadership and Management  (2018 revision)

Management and Administration (2016 update)