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The IFE provides a number of training and development services.   These include: Recognition of training courses, training providers and educational programmes of study; validation of CPD activities providing the distinctive IFE CPD logo (with the activity hours within) to be used on provider programmes or advertising materials; guidance for members on appropriate and relevant CPD activities providing examples of CPD listing documents.

Recognition of Training Courses, Training Providers and Educational Programmes.

The IFE reviews specific training courses, the general quality of training providers and educational programmes of study. Successful applications result in IFE recognition, the use of the appropriate IFE recognition logo (for use on certificates and promotional materials) and inclusion within the relevant online IFE recognition directory.

IFE recognised educational programmes offer successful delegates full or partial exemption from the academic entry requirements for specific grades of IFE membership. If you would like further information please email

The IFE also recognises Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) courses for the purposes of the IFE’s Fire Risk Register.   Recognised FRA courses and a list of registered Fire Risk Assessors can be found here.

Validation of Recognised CPD Activities

CPD activities formally validated by the IFE are permitted to carry the distinctive IFE CPD logo (with the activity hours within) on programmes or advertising materials.  To apply for the validation of events, activities and courses please complete the application form and return completed forms via email to

Making an application 

Before applying, please refer to our Recognition Application Handbook , Terms and Conditions of RecognitionRecognition Fees for 2017 and Recognition Fees for 2018.

Please also find attached useful information regarding the Recognition Team’s Customer Service Policy and StandardsInvoicing Policy and Ways to Pay information.  For further assistance please contact

Finding IFE Recognised Courses, Training Providers and Educational Programmes

All recognised training courses, providers and educational programmes are listed on our website.  Please use the following links to find:

Continuing Professional Development for IFE Members

Since 1997, the IFE has advocated the adoption of CPD by all members as the way to further their knowledge, understanding and expertise in whatever field of Fire Engineering they practice. In order to assist its members the IFE has produced a CPD Guidance documentRecognised CPD Activity Listing and a CPD activity template for members to record their CPD activities.

A listing of the latest CPD activities is currently in development.